The Top 10 Life and Career Lessons you can learn from Harvey Spector



Suits is an American iconic series that has redefined Corporate Luxury.  If you’ve never seen the show it features a successful corporate lawyer named Harvey Specter who is known for his lavish lifestyle, winning mentality and corporate brilliance, which makes him a captivating protagonist.

Throughout the 5 seasons, Harvey has dished out some amazing one liners which just happen to be true in the real corporate world.  Here are the top 10 quotes from good Old Harvey.

  1. 1. “First impressions last. You start behind the eight ball, you’ll never get in front.”

  2. 2. “People respond to how you dress; so like it or not this is what you have to do.”

  3. 3. “I don’t have dreams, I have goals.”

  4. 4. “You don’t send a puppy to clean up its own mess.”

  5. 5. “That’s the difference between you and me: you wanna lose small, I wanna win big.”

  6. 6. “Lying to me doesn’t protect me. It betrays me.”

  7. 7. “Winners stick it out when the other side plays the game.”

  8. 8. “The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

  9. 9. “I’m against having emotions, not using them.”

  10. 10. “Be the exception to any rule.”