Employer Brand: The Alternative to Job Postings

TOP EmployerAs part of the recruitment process, HR professionals and hiring managers are likely to post a description of the job they are trying to fill onto internal and external job boards, and shortlist suitable candidates from the applicant pool.

While this method is still widely used among organizations today, employer branding has become extremely important to the practice of recruitment in terms of attracting candidates and eliciting applications.

Employers have to sell themselves as much (and as effectively) as the employees they are interviewing. Candidates not only want to land the job but they also want to work for a good, reputable company that they can trust and will be proud to work for.

Job postings are great for drawing in the active applicants, but what about all those brilliant passive candidates out there? Having a strong employer brand will allow you to reach top talent and attract candidates that you may not find through traditional methods.

This is an investment that will have massive returns for your organization, not only for recruitment but for overall success of the business.