Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI ®

Reliable and valid - taken by millions of people world wide and used by organisations of all sizes including fortune 500 companies.

Benefits for Organisations

The MBTI assessment is easy to use. The assessment form can be completed on line in about 30 minutes or so. The results will then be interpreted by a qualified practitioner either in a one on one interview that will take about an hour, or for groups in a half day session.

Individual assessments have great value for individual self awareness, personal effectiveness and career development. For groups it is a fantastic tool for use during workshops looking at communication skills, leadership and team building.

The underpinning theory explains that what would appear to random behaviours exhibited by individuals are in fact consistent and follow on from people’s preferences for gaining energy, gathering information, making decisions and approaching life.

It provides a neutral language which can reduce conflict and help individuals or groups to deal constructively with issues. It is also a means for people to explore different ways to meet an objective or to do a job. It can help to asses and identify potential blind spots in teams.

It is an aid to valuing diversity; your qualified facilitator will discuss the different types in a positive and constructive way which promotes their different gifts, insights and contributions.

MBTI is governed by a code of ethics which covers confidentiality and the uses to which the report findings can be used.

Benefits for individuals

MBTI offers a straightforward and affirmative way to understand yourself. Self awareness does not come easily to everyone. Knowledge of type as described by the indicator can help people identify their strengths as well as plan their development. It can be useful in career planning, as well as other self-management and interpersonal skills development including time management, problem solving and effective communication.

It demonstrates logically how people’s seemingly random behaviour is actually quite consistent because it flows from how they prefer to be energized, gather information, make decisions and approach daily life.

The theory presents 16 types together with their unique contributions and gifts. These are 16 paths to excellence and knowing more about yourself can help you to be more effective.

The contrasting styles that are revealed can offer individuals a way to improve communication patterns. It can help to bring objectivity to emotional issues.

Looking at conflict it can help individuals identify what may the source of the conflict and to address it in a neutral language.

What does it involve?

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment – undertaken on line, requires about 30 minutes.

Interpretation interview – one on one with a personalised written report supplied summarizing the theory and individual type details. An individual action plan or development suggestions document can be supplied. Requires approximately 1 hour

Interpretation interview – in a group setting with personalised written report supplied as above, about a half day depending on group size. If it’s not practical or appropriate to have individual feedback interviews then this can be carried out in a group setting as a preliminary step before a workshop.

Training and Development Workshops – including communication skills, team building, leadership development.

Interactive workshops designed to build on individual type knowledge and to explore the theory and its uses and implications in the workplace. Sessions will include practical applications to enhance communication skills, develop management abilities and promote efficient team working. Materials used for these sessions are supplied by CPP the USA licensed supplier of MBTI materials and available to qualified practitioners only.

Please contact Emma Woodhouse at or on 345 525 0379 to discuss your training requirements.

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